PT. MARTAKUSUMA SAKTI INTERNATIONAL is a competitive vessel broker. Unlike all conventional brokers, we bring an operational clarity and understanding to all of our clients needs. Our relationship does not end with the sale or charter of a vessel.

With our knowledge, PT. MARTAKUSUMA SAKTI INTERNATIONAL has developed a diverse network of worldwide contacts in all areas of the vessel Industry. Today, we are able to provide our clients with total consultancy for all of their maritime needs. We are happy to provide you with references to many of our well clients.

 PT. MARTAKUSUMA SAKTI INTERNATIONAL are involved in several different types of brokerage including:
    •   Sale and Purchase
        We have successfully marketed a number of ships.
    •   Charter
        We have successfully facilitated charter to the private and institution sector.
    •   New Building Services

We have successfully concluded some post-delivery mid- to long-term financing for foreign owner’s newbuilding projects in China under lease purchase.

We act as a team of professional with a clear focus on charter, sale and purchase of all kinds of ships, new building projects. Our team has strength direct links to shipbuilder, offshore vessel owners, tug and barge owner in locally and over the world which they have had best reputation and experienced with reliable quality and resulting competitive value on the market.

PT. MARTAKUSUMA SAKTI INTERNATIONAL is an active broker in the chartering markets, sales and purchase for specialized vessels including:
    •        Anchor Handling Tug (AHT)
    •        Anchor Handling Tug Supply (AHTS)
    •        Supply Vessels
    •        Utility Vessels
    •        ASD Tug
    •        Crew Boats
    •        Landing Craft
    •        Twin Screw Tug
    •        Accommodation/Crane Barge
    •        Oil Barge
    •        Tug & Barges

Vessels have been purchased all over the world and delivered to customers.

We much care about the harmonious between ship producers as seller and users as purchaser through our best services and offer where will be found of the desire for creates the arts of business. Our market segments are offshore vessel owners, mine company, oil & gas company, and relating who using our services for support and increase their activities in the sea.


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